As mums, our lives can be hectic trying to juggle everything and keep all the different balls in the air – now throw in running a business and home schooling and it can become very overwhelming and tricky to manage everything

So, I thought I would share the ways that I try to make each of my different ‘roles’ a little easier to manage

Making My Mum Job a Little Easier

I think it’s fair to say that being a mum is a full time job on its own, then mix in running a business and home schooling things soon get a little busy and if I’m not careful, overwhelming

So what do I do to make things a little easier …

  1. Know that there’s no such thing as Supermum and perfection doesn’t exist either. So I take away that pressure on myself and just try to be a good enough mum πŸ’―
  2. Planning is my friend so I make sure that everyone knows what’s going on. Theres a calendar in the kitchen as well as a whiteboard with all the weekly activities we have going on
  3. Sometimes we eat healthy and sometimes we don’t as I haven’t had time but do you know what – as long as my kids have been fed something, I’m happy and I’ll sleep easy tonight βœ…

I’d love to know some of your top tips for helping you with your mum role, comment or message me 😍

Making Home Schooling a Little Easier to Manage

This will be my seventh year as a home schooling mum of 3 girls (Year 11, Year 6 and Year 2) so I think I’ve learned a thing or 2 about making it work for us so thought I’d share some of what we do to give you an idea of how I balance my mum, home educator and business owner roles 🀩

  1. There has to be a loose plan of what we’re going to do otherwise I would lose my shit πŸ’― There’s so much going on that organisation is key
  2. Follow my girls lead and it makes life a LOT easier. This means focusing on topics that they are interested in and that way we can cover maths, english and lots of other ‘subjects’ are covered βœ…
  3. I don’t compare my girls to school children, they will learn things at their own pace and for some things they will be ‘ahead’, other things will be the same level and other stuff they’ll be ‘behind’. But they learn things when they are ready – my 8 year old learned to tell the time after a 10 minute conversation whereas my eldest covered the topic for a whole term when she was at school πŸ’―

There’s lots of other things we do but thought i’d share just 3 things I do 😍

Prioritising Business Development

Some of the more common questions I get asked are all to do with how I manage to balance my roles as mum, home educator and business owner

They are all massively important and seemingly full time jobs on their own but once you combine them, you need to be as organised as possible πŸ’―

So from a business owner point of view, what do I do to grow my business?

  1. Schedule in time to review my marketing to see what’s working, what isn’t. Where do I need to make some tweaks 🀩
  2. I invest in myself and my business so I work with my own coach to push me and give me a kick up the arse if I need it 😍
  3. Make use of tools that can make my life so much easier. When I only have small pockets of time available, I want to make the most of them βœ…

What about you, what are 3 things you do to help you manage your busy life?

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