Feeling overwhelmed with the size of your to do list versus the very limited time you’ve got available to actually do the work – trying to fit in when baby is napping, limited childcare or day job!

Are you bashing your head against the wall when it comes to trying to get everything that you need to do to grow a successful business?

I’d like to take away some of your stress when it comes to your business (sorry, but I can’t help with the kids)! Here’s a list of 50 things you can be doing to grow your business if you’ve only got 5 minutes spare to do some work:

1. Create a meme (pictures with quotes), on Canva and upload it to your Facebook page (check out my Facebook Page for ideas)

2. Get yourself a notebook (think lots of pretty ones for me) and write down some ideas for blog posts

3. Go through your emails to find the common questions you get asked

4. Go through your social media to find the common questions you get asked or that come up in your industry

5. Create a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website – using the questions from ideas 3 and 4 above

6. Write down what your dream life looks like … what do you want your perfect business to look like (think about income, lifestyle, material things, happiness). This is what your hard work is for!

7. Start working on a vision board to help you achieve your goals. This will take more than 5 minutes as one big task so break it down into 5 minutes for each section of your board (what car you want, your dream house, income, clients, lifestyle etc)

8. Get clear on exactly who your ideal client is … What are their biggest problems? How can you help them? Where do they hang out? What do they read? Who do they already do business with? The clearer you are about who you want to work with, the easier your marketing will be!

9. Update your Twitter profile with your latest free gift link or product launch

10. Update your Facebook profile with your tag line and latest offer or free gift

11. Brainstorm ideas for potential free gifts (that’s another notebook you’ll need). What can you offer that will get people onto your list?

12. Is your website home page up to date with current offers or free gifts?

13. Turn off notifications of when you receive an email so it reduces distraction

14. What other business owners could you work with to benefit each other (think about businesses that work with the same type of clients as you but they aren’t a direct competitor)

15. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read

16. Do a Brain Dump of everything in your head. Whatever tasks, projects, ideas you’ve got in your head, write it down – no filter needed, just get it down on paper. Check out this article about avoiding overwhelm by doing a Brain Dump

17. Go through your Brain Dump list and prioritise the tasks to be focusing on for the next 30 days (think about prioritising tasks that will either bring money into the business or will take you closer to your long term goals)

18. Create a list of videos you can record to showcase your area of expertise, great for building that important know, like and trust factor that people need to have before buying

19. Ask clients for testimonials and put them on your website, sales pages and social media content

20. Plan out your week of what you need to be focusing on (this is where you use the priority list from the Brain Dump)

21. Plan out the following days work and make sure you only have 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks) that MUST be completed. Anything else is a bonus

22. Do some filing. It’s not a sexy thing to do but it is essential if you want your business to be organised (which you do). Try to make this a daily or weekly regular task

23. Are there any local networking groups where you can get in front of your ideal clients? Find out and book yourself on to attend

24. Look for groups on Facebook where you can get in front of your ideal clients and start showcasing your expertise by answering questions and giving value

25. Ask a question on your Facebook page to get some engagement

26. Look at your Facebook Page Insights to find out when people are online and what your most popular content is

27. Use the information from your Facebook Page Insights to create a strategy for your content. Think about what type of content is popular (meme, blog post, tips, video etc) and when are the good times that your fans are online

28. Get clear on the products or service that you’re offering, what are the features – what is actually included, how is it delivered?

29. What are the benefits of your product or service? This is completely different to features because we’re looking for the result that your clients get from your product or service. What is the end result, the transformation, the big problem solved?

30. Brainstorm some ideas of added value for your product or service. Think about any extras you can add – warranty, email support, Q&A calls, free delivery / returns etc

31. How can you provide upgrades to your product or service as there will be a small number of people who are more than happy to pay more if they’re getting more value – think VIP options

32. Start to build your list by putting a sign up box on your website to get notification of when new products or services launch

33. Make sure that you’ve purchased all domain names relevant to your business and products

34. Get your first free gift out there – map out what to include

35. Schedule in your diary time to complete the work to create your free gift

36. Get new sign up box on your website linked to your free gift

37. Shout about your free gift all over social media (on all platforms that you use)

38. Is your About Me page on your website up to date? Share your compelling story to show your ideal clients why you’re so amazing – put some emotion into it

39. Look for people who you could write a guest blog post for to get in front of their audience. Make sure that it’s a really juicy post with lots of great information and tips that their readers can easily implement

40. Create a Facebook Ad to promote your free gift – you must have a different ad for each free gift you have

41. Create a Facebook Ad for each of your products

42. Reach out to people you admire to ask them to do an interview for your crowd. Someone who can offer some great tips that’s relevant to your crowd

43. Offer yourself as a speaker for local networking events to help position yourself as an expert in your local area

44. Create some speaking topics you could talk about and offer yourself as a speaker online

45. Actively reach out to people who you want to do a talk for and tell them WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) so it’s an easy decision to say yes

46. Got something newsworthy to shout about? Actively pursue some PR for your products and business

47. Get your partner and family on board as cheerleaders for your business so they can help out where needed – childcare, cleaning, cooking, emotional support!

48. Find a planner that works for you (whether that’s online, paper or a mixture of them both), to make sure that you’re getting everything done and working strategically to build your business. I still haven’t found my perfect planner so I’m going to be designing my own ?

49. Take time every day to build your crowd (whether that’s your list via your website or on social media), ask yourself “what can I do to nurture my crowd today?” it’s all about relationships so that you’ve got a group of raving fans who will buy whatever you’re offering

50. And finally … remember to take time out for you! Don’t make the mistake of spending all your free time working on your business, otherwise you’ll be heading for burnout pretty quickly which is no good for you or your family! Treat yourself when you reach a goal, read a book, go to the cinema, take a nice walk in the park, have a nap!

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