Continuing from our article in the last newsletter, here’s the last 3 things you need to do to start your business.

1. Speak your customers language
If you’ve taken the time to really get to know your ideal customers, you should have discovered what their issues are and why they’d want to buy your product or service.

What is keeping them up at night, what are they prepared to pay anything to solve?

Knowing this can help you to create a marketing message that will show them that your product or service is the perfect solution they need.

2. Manage your time
As a busy mum, we only have a limited time available to work on the business so you need to get focused so that you get all the important work done – instead of chatting to friends on Facebook.

Set up a schedule so that you know exactly what time you have available to work on the business and when you will be with your family – a great visual for everyone in the house to know when mummy is working so that there aren’t any interruptions.

Talk to your partner and get them on board to help you out – can they do some of the housework, help out with the kids more, do the cooking?  Anything that can free up your time to focus on the business.

Take the time to plan out what work you need to complete for the week so that you can get straight to work as soon as you’re in work mode – instead of wasting valuable time wondering what you should be doing.

3. Plan for success
Map out your goals for your business as well as the tasks you need to do to achieve that goal.  You then need to break those tasks down to 90 day chunks as this timescale is perfect to make you focus on what is important.

These tasks can be included on your weekly planning to make sure that you get them done and stay focused on achieving your goals.

If you’re struggling trying to fit everything in, ask yourself if the task to do on your list will move you one step closer to your goal.  If the answer is no, it can wait until a later date and you need to focus on something else that does move you closer to your goal.

There are lots of things to start and market a successful family friendly business but these are the 6 essential things you should focus on first whilst you’re still on maternity leave.

Your action plan
Get clear on what issues your customers have so that you can speak their language.

You then need to get strategies in place to manage your time as well as setting some big goals.

Please share how you’re getting on in the comments below.

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