We’ve not long got back from our family holiday to Turkey. This was our 6th visit to our favourite hotel and we’re already looking at booking for next year.

So what has this hotel got that has got us going back for more?

Brand loyalty isn’t the same it is today as it was when I was a child (and yes, that was quite a few years ago)! Today, we don’t book our holidays based on the name of the tour operator alone, we take lots of other things into account which is something that we can all learn from.

Create What Your Customers Want

First Choice (or TUI), have created different concepts for their hotels and categorise them into what people are looking for whether family oriented or total luxury.

We go with their family orientated version which is a Holiday Village. These hotels all offer the same kind of setup just in different locations.

For example, the kids are the main focal point so there’s kids clubs up to age 15, creche facilities, loads of daytime activities all the family can join in, kid friendly buffet, great pools, water slides at some hotels, spaciolus rooms, all inclusive, kid friendly evening entertainment to name a few.

To put parents minds at ease, everything outside of the hotel side of things (cleaning, food and drinks), everything else is run by First Choice staff so everything is to UK standards when it comes to safety and standards.

Make It Easy For People to Join You

There is so much going on that you can get involved with as much or as little as you want. We tend to stay by the pool with our 3 kids but will join in if something takes our fancy (the older 2 did some water zorbing which was hilarious as 7 year old Kenzie kept slipping and it looked like she was in a washing machine). The girls take part in any Kids Club sessions that they like the sound of.

Evenings we join in with the first part of the entertainment as all 3 girls can take part and mum and dad are always dragged on to the dance floor (thankfully not on stage this time).

Make Customers Feel Special

As we have been a few times before, it always feels great that we are remembered by both the hotel and First Choice staff. When we went into the restaurant the first night, our favourite waitresses were there and we were greeted with big hugs like we were family friends.

If you can build a crowd of raving fans, they will shout about their experience with you and become an unpaid member of your marketing team. Get it wrong and they’ll shout about you for the wrong reasons!

Can’t wait until we’re back!

Have you created a product or service that your customers want? Is it easy for people to buy? How can you make customers feel special so that they buy from you and not a competitor?

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