Trying to run a business as well as being mum can become really stressful and overwhelming very quickly as you might have small pockets of time available to work – this is the reality for a lot of mums during lockdown and even with restrictions finally being lifted. Its also true now that its the start of the school summer holidays!

When you do have such small pockets of time available, its so easy to get distracted and flit between tasks without actually getting anything done

Another thing you might do is procrastinate as you don’t have a lot of time so “I’ll do that later when I’ve got more time and instead I’ll do some washing” or any other habit and behaviour you do

So how can you make sure you actually get shit done?

If this is something you’re struggling with at the minute, here’s one simple thing you can do to stop overwhelm and procrastination in its tracks …

You’ll need your to do list of what you’ve decided you need to work on as your first and second priorities (hopefully you’ve done a Brain Dump to get this information)

You take your list and you need to be looking at your first priority tasks first. What I want you to do is break down all the tasks into individual items and assign it a time of how long it will take you to complete

Ideally, your tasks can be broken down into 5, 10 or 30 minute tasks

You then have a list of tasks you can be working through depending on how much time you have available

This one thing will make such a big impact on your productivity if you do it – this has helped me enormously to get shit done in my business while home educating my 3 daughters the last 4 years

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