Most children will be back to school soon and I know it can feel a little overwhelming so here’s some quick tips to help you navigate this time whether your kids are returning to school or home schooling.

Kids Back to School

One of the things that seems to be happening at schools is staggering the start and finish times of the school day depending on classes. If you’ve only got one child at school this isn’t too bad to deal with but if you’ve got more than one child, with different times, it can soon get really confusing!

Until this becomes a habit, I would suggest you put the times in your diary so that you are aware of them every day and then set an alarm on your phone to let you know when you have to leave. If you’re anything like me, you can become engrossed in an activity and it’s so easy to lose track of time – this tip saved me a few times when the eldest was still at school

Thinking of Home Schooling

Whether you were already thinking of home schooling and got a taste for it during lockdown, you’re not happy sending your children back to school because of Covid-19 or bullies, you will need to send a de-registration letter to the school to tell them to remove your children from the school register (once they have this

I really recommend that you start connecting with other home educators in your area as you can start building relationships with other people and find out what events are going on (when they’re allowed to go ahead)

Already Home Schooling

This will be our fifth year of home education and it’s always something I’m excited about. The possibilities and opportunities are endless and is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our family!

But as you continue your journey, you may find how you home educate changes over time. One thing that you can be thinking about is your style of what you want home schooling to look like for you and your family. Are you going to be:

  • Structured
  • Semi-structured
  • Autonomous

Each have their pros and cons so think about how your family currently does things – what works, what doesn’t? What would make your lives easier right now? Things are still up in the air with groups, events and local activities not taking place at the moment and not sure when that’s going to change!

❓ Do you need to think about spending more time outside so you’re not stuck in the house all the time ❓

❓ What about doing some project learning until things get back to normal (pick a topic your kids are interested in) ❓

❓ Are there any online programmes or course you can try out ❓

❓ Connect with some more home educators in your area ❓

There’s lots of things you need to be thinking about with back to school! Good luck on the journey 🤩

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