When you first start a business, you might have heard people mention niche marketing but felt it wouldn’t apply to you as your service or product can help anyone.

While it may be true that you can work with anyone, your marketing now becomes impossible – unless you’ve got an endless supply of money!

To put this into perspective; there’s approximately 4.8 million small businesses and 63.7 million people in the UK.  Can you work with all of them?  Your answer should be a big NO.

Instead, if you narrow that down to a more manageable number, your marketing suddenly becomes a lot easier as you’re only wanting to talk to a smaller number of people – this saves you time AND money.

This is what niche marketing is all about, focusing on one group of people and then concentrating on talking only to those people.

Once you have a specific group of people in mind, you need to follow these three simple steps

Step 1: Where do they hang out?

The key is to get inside the head of your ideal client and really get to know them.  Start with the people you really want to work with and ask these questions:

1.    What magazines and newspapers do they read?
2.    What websites do they visit?
3.    What conferences and events do they attend?
4.    What networking events do they visit
5.    What social media platforms do they use?

Step 2: What is their problem?

Now that you know where your ideal client hangs out, you need to make sure that you have a group of people who you can actually work with.  Get to know your ideal clients so you can find out:

1.    What is their biggest challenge?
2.    What keeps them up at night?
3.    What are they worrying about?
4.    What will they pay anything to get their problem solved?

By knowing this, you can make sure that your product or service is the solution they need to fix their problem and is something they’d be prepared to pay money for.

Step 3: Craft a perfect marketing message

What you now need to do is take everything you’ve found out about your ideal client and then craft a marketing message that talks directly to them.

  • By knowing where they hang out, you can get a feel for type of media they prefer (formal or relaxed)
  • How do they talk, what jargon do they use?

You can then use this information when you create your marketing message to use on your website, leaflets, networking presentations, PR etc.

Even if you’re an established business, it’s always a good idea to review your niche market to see if it is the same or has changed.

Your action plan
Take the time to go through this exercise for your own business.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do they hang out?
  • What is their big problem?
  • What language do they use?
  • What media do they prefer?

I’d love to hear who your niche market is going to be, please share in the comments below.

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