The generic business advice out there doesn’t cut it for us business mums – we are a totally different breed to ‘normal’ business owners ‼️

You’ll find its catered towards people who have all day every day to spend working on their business without any distractions 💯

⛔️ They’re sat at their desks all day

⛔️ No little people interupting them asking for snacks for what feels like the millionth time that day

⛔️ Dedicated working hours

⛔️ Tidy workspace without kids dumping all their crap on your desk (I have so many random things deposited for safe keeping in my office it’s ridiculous 🙈)

⛔️ No school holidays to have to worry about childcare arrangements

⛔️ No rushing out the door before you’ve finished your work to do the school run – it is frowned upon to not pick your kids up 😚

The thing is though, it doesn’t matter that you aren’t sat at your desk all day, it’s all about optimising whatever time you do have available to get shit done 💯

What are you telling yourself is ok for other people because they have so much more time than you?

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