Marketing your business is something that should be a consistent task in order to build a successful business as it can take time to get results from your efforts. Something you have to bear in mind with marketing is that it can take between 7 – 12 times of awareness of your services or products before a customer will buy.  This is where different forms of regular marketing come in.

However, it doesn’t have to be expensive to keep in touch with people, here are some ideas for free or inexpensive ideas you can implement easily into your business:

Email Signature
If you send out a lot of emails each day, you are missing a trick if you don’t have a signature telling people some basic information.  Include the following as basic information:

  • Website links
  • Tag line to describe your business
  • Contact details
  • Call to action – what do you want people to do?
  • Special offers or sales – this is a great opportunity to highlight what you have on offer, whether it’s a free training call or a Christmas sale

Facebook is a fantastic tool that lets you build relationships with both your current and prospective clients – there’s no better way to show that you are an actual person and not a faceless organisation.

There’s lots of ways to use Facebook to your advantage, think about:

  • Posting details of any events you run but make sure you don’t just sell
  • Link it to your blog so it automatically publishes content to your Facebook page
  • Join joins where you can find your target market and get talking to them
  • Set yourself a timer to make sure you don’t waste any time

Good way to keep in touch with contacts and clients on a regular basis.  You can sprinkle content with links to your website as well as including some direct sales information.  this is your opportunity to showcase your expertise with articles.

Being featured in the press looks good to potential clients so build relationships with the media as an ongoing task.  The ultimate aim is for the press to contact you when they have questions.

I have picked up new clients as a direct result of being featured in magazines like Closer as well as various websites.

This is great way to raise your profile in the local business community so think about your expertise and create a ‘signature talk’ that you can use for most presentations.  There are always event organisers who need new speakers so do some research in your area.

By doing something marketing related each day, it will put you ahead of your competitors.  What are you going to implement now? Share in the comments …

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