Now that lockdown is officially over with most restrictions lifted, there’s been an increase on the number of people who are now jetting off on their holidays

We’ve had 2 x holidays cancelled since lockdown started which have been frustrating but obviously the right thing to do. We finally went away for a few days last month and we are on our travels later on today to sunny Wales with friends – can’t wait for lots of fun!

When it comes to going away, what do you do with your business, it still needs to operate to pay the bills but how do you manage while you aren’t there?

Do you …

  • Have employees who are left in charge?
  • Outsource regular work so it still gets done?
  • Do absolutely nothing then hope and pray everything is ok when you get back?
  • Carry on working as normal just in different location
  • Do the bare minimum and check in with emails

As a business owner for the last 15 years, I’ve tried lots of things when it comes to running my business while on holiday and I’ve found the best strategy to use is to be as prepared as possible then check in with emails and social media

There’s lots I do to prepare for holiday …

  • Get together any work I want to take (this normally involves a notebook and couple of things I want to be thinking about in the background. When I have a spare few minutes, I can get the notebook out and jot down my thoughts
  • Schedule in any social media or blog posts for the period you’re away
  • Check in with emails and social media notifications once or twice per day (any more than that is too distracting)

These are the simple things I do (don’t see the point in doing too much as you’ll never get round to it!

If you’re going on holiday, how are you going to manage your business life and still enjoy your holiday

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