As busy mums, running a business can be a real juggling act but with the right tools and strategies in place, it can be done.

So how can you get yourself organised with so little time available? Here’s 3 things you can easily do today:

Brain Dump

I’ve written about this strategy quite a lot of the years – because it works!

By taking everything out of your head onto paper, you’re not only helping to avoid overwhelm, you’ve also now created your task list which you can prioritise to make sure you get everything done

Choose 3 MIT’s for Each Day

Now that you’ve got your prioritised list from your Brain Dump, I now want you to choose 3 tasks that MUST get done today. These are the Most Important Tasks (MIT’s) where you should be focusing your time and energy

Make Sure You Plan Everything

You need to find a calendar system that suits you, but you need to include not only your personal and business appointments, but also any project deadlines, launches or time specific work. All this information can be used when identifying your 3 x MIT’s

Implement these 3 strategies into your business and you will easily get yourself organised in 5 minutes! 

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