I love Adele, both her music and the fact that she is refreshingly down to Earth.

She’s had so much success with her albums and the latest one, 25, and the hugely successful and record breaking ‘Hello’ single has made sure that she is a global superstar – and quite rightly too!

Not only is she a hugely talented singer but also a great inspiration for business.

Here are 4 specific strategies you can use to give your business the ‘Adele Affect’:

1. She speaks her mind in interviews
She’s not afraid to be herself during interviews which makes people fall in love with her – you’ve also got to love that she rocks up with her cuppa as well (think the James Corden carpool karaoke).

BUSINESS LESSON: Don’t pretend to be someone else in your marketing materials, let your personality shine through as it will always attract your ideal clients to you.

2. She doesn’t follow the industry norm
It’s common that artists release a new album every 1 – 2 years yet Adele does things when she’s ready and not worried about her ‘competitors’. She stands apart from everyone and creates some amazing songs.

BUSINESS LESSON: Why do something just because that’s how things work in your industry, shake it up a little so that you actually stand out from everyone.

3. She knows exactly what product she wants to create
When Adele was writing her latest album, 25, she wrote way more songs than was included on the album. She then decided on the best songs to include – only her best work would do!

BUSINESS LESSON: If you want to attract more clients, think about giving away some of your best stuff for free so that ideal clients can see how great you are.

4. She keeps things simple
At awards shows, other performers tend to go all out with their pageantry whereas Adele keeps things super simple and relies on her voice – think spotlight and Adele dressed in black belting out her hits!

The thing with Adele is that she is always her authentic self which means that she doesn’t have any competitors – even your Beyonce’s and Taylor Swifts.

BUSINESS LESSON: Don’t overcomplicate things in anything, whether that’s your marketing or systems.

But most importantly, make sure that you are always your most authentic self in everything you do!

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