If you want to sell products or services that your clients will buy from you, as opposed to a competitor, it’s really important that you’ve taken some time to identify exactly who your ideal clients are so that you can create a package that is perfect for them.

What Are Their Pain Points?

What keeps them up at night, what are they stressing about, what would they do or pay anything to get solved.

Is it a physical pain – tension headache that keeps them up at night, affecting their day to day life because they’ve got a headache all the time?

A massage therapist who offers a back and shoulder massage could help with tension headaches. They could use this in their marketing material “do you suffer from headaches? Affecting your sleeping and day to day life?”

By looking at their struggles, you’re demonstrating that you know and understand what’s important to them and you can say “you have the solution for them”

Create The Full Package

Creating packages is essential, especially for service based businesses, so that you can avoid the time versus money trap.

If you’re working 1-1 with clients, you’ll very soon hit the limit of time available to actually complete the work as there’s also the behind the scenes running of the business you need to do to run a successful business AND you need to eat and sleep. Hitting the limit of hours available means that you can’t grow your business any further.

Think about doing work with groups of people instead as you can get more people paying your hourly rate.

Think About Your Pricing

This is quite an important part as we need to get paid to pay our bills – we don’t want an expensive hobby that doesn’t pay its fair share!

People will happily pay for upgrades if you give different options available for all your products and services.  Example, a training course could have priority entry, workbooks, preferred seating at the front, networking event, VIP lunch, recordings of entire event.

Think about airlines – they offer first class, business class, upgrade luggage allowance, VIP lounges.

Most types of products and services can have a budget, mid-level and VIP options and it is something that each level can charge more for.

For a training product, people could buy the DIY option and get on with it themselves. Or they can upgrade to include some personal coaching sessions as well.

If you’re selling a physical product, think about gift wrapping, personalised messages etc.

What will people pay more for?

Having different price points is a great way to increase your income as you will find some people upgrade to VIP for the extra support offered.  But don’t pluck a figure out of thin air, be realistic of what your target market are prepared to pay.

Action plan

Now it’s your turn.  Look at what kind of package you can create and share in the comments below, I’d love to hear all about it.

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