When we create new products or services, we spend countless hours trying to make them perfect that sometimes we forget about spending enough time creating the marketing material we need to promote them.

You probably know you need to show potential buyers what is so good about your product or service and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

But features and benefits are two very different things when it comes to talking about your fantastic product or service and it is essential that you understand the difference.

What Are The Features?

Features is the process you take clients through when they start working with you.  In other words, how do you do what you get paid for – coaching, virtual assistant, image consultant etc.

What exactly do they get when they buy your product?

  • Example of my coaching programme is they get 6 x 1 hour phone calls, unlimited email support for the duration of the programme, regular accountability form and templates.  I also have extra elements for my VIP clients
  • For a physical product, think about a computer – they might get a 17” monitor, Microsoft software, keyboard, mouse
  • Virtual Assistant providing admin support – set number of hours each month, monthly planning call

You need to be clear about what’s included so that clients know exactly what they’ll get when they work with you, we don’t want any misunderstandings.

The features you offer is a great thing to use against your competitors so that you really are the only choice for your ideal clients to work with you

Be Clear About the Benefits

Benefits are the actual results or transformation they get from working with you.  Break it down in to simple terms.

Couple of examples for you:

  • Fitness coach / personal trainer – benefits could be to lose weight, get fit, have more energy, end any pain (if you’re overweight, you may have leg or knee pain so by getting rid of that weight, it will help to alleviate that pain and any other problems
  • Massage therapist – end back pain, get rid of tension headaches. They have dedicated time to have relaxation so they may have more energy
  • Image consultant – know exactly what clothes look good on them, save money by not buying the wrong clothes, dress for body shape and they will look and feel fabulous

Can you see the difference between features and benefits – features are what’s included, benefits are the ultimate transformation they receive

Are you struggling to come up with some benefits?  Ask current and past clients what have you done for them? What specific and tangible results have they got from working with you?  These are the best people to ask as sometimes we’re too close to see the bigger picture.  They’ll tell you in their own language which will help you massively when writing your marketing material.

Your action plan
Now it’s your turn to look at both your new and existing products and services.

  • Draw up a full list of the features and benefits
  • Approach your clients and ask “what results do you get from working with me?”

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