Recently, I have found out about a couple of people who have been copying my work.  When I first found out, I was angry and annoyed that someone was going to benefit from all my hard work.  But once I’d calmed down, I knew my time would be better spent doing something positive instead of being bitter and resentful.

I then came across this quote from one of my mentors:

“If people are copying you in business, it’s your invitation (and permission) to move to the next evolution of what you’re here to do. Your new mantra = If I’m that copiable, then I am not playing big enough.”

This really resonated as I knew I’d been playing too small for long enough and it was time to step up and play on a much bigger level – this was exactly the kick I needed so I must be thankful to my ‘copiers’.

I asked myself some simple questions.

What is my brand?
I wanted to go back to basics and look from a clients perspective at my brand, what messages am I sending out, how am I presenting myself?

How can I add more of my personality to my messages so that my authentic voice shines through in everything I say?  This is a great way to stand out from my ‘would be copiers’ as there’s only one me in the world and I need to make better use of that fact.

What am I offering to my clients?
Looking at the products and support I offer to my clients to make sure that they are exactly what my clients need.  This is such an important step that every business owner should be doing on an annual basis as our business should be adaptable to changes in our clients needs – that’s why some people go out of business if they don’t change.

As a result, I’ve added in some new self-study programmes and short reports on specific skills that people were asking for.

Get clear on what I want to achieve
The beginning of a new year is always a great opportunity to set some goals.  I’ve spent some time getting clear on exactly what I want to achieve in both my business and personal life so that I could create my vision board which is proudly displayed in my office as my inspiration so that I know why I need to do whatever it takes to meet those goals.

How can I step up to the next level?
Finally, I needed to get clear on how to step up and play a bigger game.  What had I been doing to keep small, what did I need to do to get out of my comfort zone.  I now have an action plan which is already getting some great results that are a stretch to what I’ve been doing.

Another saying that I love is:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.  I don’t know who said it but it definitely applies here.

Your action plan
Even if you’ve not been copied, you can still use this as an opportunity to review your business and create your own plan for taking your business to the next level.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my brand?
  • What am I offering to my clients?
  • Get clear on what I want to achieve
  • How can I step up to the next level?

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