As well as facing a global pandemic, an epidemic proportion of mums are finding it difficult to step into their own success and shine as the warriors and leaders that they truly are.

There’s so much doubt and questioning going on in their minds that they’re asking themselves:

  • Am I deluded?
  • Is it even possible?
  • Can I actually make a super successful business that fits round my family and life?
  • I’m only just keeping my shit together as it is, how on earth can I grow my business?

Even if you’re scared of dropping the balls, you can do this by taking simple steps for massive action 😊 It’s all about baby steps!

We’re the first generation where we’ve been told we can have it all but this puts a shit ton of pressure on us to be perfect … and that doesn’t and shouldn’t exist!

You can’t possibly balance your work, children, home, family, friends, taxi, hobbies all the time and you shouldn’t even try as that just leads to feelings of failure which isn’t fair on you.

Instead, realise that there will be times when certain things have to take a back seat while you focus on other things but that is ok, it’s manageable and will reduce any stress levels amazingly well.

Here’s some simple things you can be doing to help you get out of overwhelm and get shit done!

Do a Brain Dump
Some people don’t like the term Brain Dump but I love it – just think of it like a download. This takes everything out of your head and on to a piece of paper. Every single task, every idea you have, write it down. Think about projects you want to do, what are the tasks involved.

What happens is you’re literally freeing up space in your head so you’re not feeling so stressed that things haven’t been done. You now have this master list which you can use to prioritise the work that will move you closer to your goals and bring money into the business – we all want that don’t we?

This isn’t a complicated task, literally write down what’s in your head. For example, if you have a new product, what work do you need to do to launch it etc?

Prioritise Work
Once you’ve done your Brain Dump, I tend to split mine into three categories that suit my life – personal / home, home education, business.

You then need to go through everything and prioritise the tasks that you need to be doing first. The key here is to ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Will this bring money into the business?
  2. Will this move me closer to achieving my goal?

If the answer to either of those questions are no, then you don’t focus time at the moment for that task … or you delegate the work to get it done (or even delete it).

Break Your to Do List into Chunks of Time
Whether your children are at school, nursery, childminder or home, you only have a set amount of time each day to actually get stuff done!

One thing that my clients have found helped them so much is to break tasks down into small chunks that will take 5, 10 or 30 minutes to complete. They can then easily manage what work they can get done in the time they have available.

For example, writing this article could be a few 5 minute chunks of time by focusing on writing just a section at a time – as opposed to thinking it’s a huge job in my mind, I’m writing just one section which makes it so much easier to think about.

90 Day Planning for Goals
When you’re mapping out your goals, what I recommend you do is break it down into 90 day chunks; 90 days is a bit more realistic. It’s more focused. Whereas if you’re just doing something for 12 months, that’s ages away; that’s a year away. Whereas if you do 90 day chunks, it gives it a bit more urgency and it makes it more real and achievable because you know you’ve got to get it done. There’s no, ‘I’ve got 12 months to do it.’ You’ve only got 90 days. You need to get on it.

Once you do start changing it up to 90 days focus, it does make a big difference.

The thing that you need to keep in mind for every task is it should always help you achieve your long-term goals. Ask yourself. Does this take you closer to your goal? If the answer is no, you then need to think about and consider, do you need to do it in the first place? If you do, can somebody else do it for you?

Always think about the end goal and everything that you do has to work towards that point. That is the reason you’re in business. That is your why. Always have that clear in your mind so you can map everything else out, you know what you’re doing and you know you’re doing the right tasks and delegating where appropriate or even deleting a task. When you ask, does it take me close to my goal? If the answer is no, do I have to do it? If the answer is no, then why is it on your list. Get rid of it, just cross it off.

You haven’t got time for the BS – so just crack the fuck on before you waste any more time!

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