Life before lockdown seems such a long time ago now and its weird to think how much our daily lives have changed.

Back in March, there was so much uncertainty of what was going to happen, we were getting very mixed messages and I think its fair to say that a lot of people, me included, didn’t think it was that serious a risk to us (wishful thinking I suppose).

However, it soon became obvious there was a problem and so lockdown in the UK began for that initial 3 week period. It was very weird to adjust to being at home all the time and only being able to go out on essential trips as our lives were always so busy. We had to stop:

Going to our normal home education groups and activities – this included weekly martial arts and gymnastics classes, meeting up with friends, geography project learning, maths workshops and other things booked over the coming weeks

Not being able to see family and friends – we would always go see my family on a weekend and would regularly see friends

After school clubs stopped – swimming, netball, climbing, Brownie’s and martial arts all stopped (we used to have something every night in the week with us attending 8 martial arts classes each week)

Luckily the hubby was put on furlough with his work which was very weird having him at home all the time but its something we soon got used to (his job meant that he couldn’t work because of covid-19).

Within just a few days of lockdown, it was a real eye opener as we all adjusted to life and realised what was actually important in life – spending time together as a family, making memories, having fun together and trying to make the most out of the bad situation.

But as the weeks went on, it was getting harder and harder for the hubby to even think about returning to work – quite simply, he didn’t want to! Instead, he wanted to stay home to help with the girls education so we took the decision for him to resign which is really weird to think that he won’t be returning to his old job but we’ve soon got into a rhythm of how things are working.

He’s already a lot more relaxed and enjoying the mad house of everyday life – he’s still a little grumpy though but that’s just him 😉

We’re looking forward to seeing what adventures we can get up to once lockdown is over as we’ll be able to explore in our motorhome and continue making awesome memories together!

How have things changed for you with lockdown, I’d love to her more 😊

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