When it comes to marketing, some people think it’s this mystical thing that’s really hard work and something they don’t like to do because they feel they haven’t got the skills needed.

But in its simplest terms, your marketing message is telling people exactly what you can do for people and how you help them, and ultimately why they should be buying from you. 

It will come in a variety of different formats whether it is for your website, business cards, leaflets, networking presentations, speaking opportunities you do or any PR, this message is going to be through all of it.

Having a clear message that talks to the right person at the right time showing them the perfect solution for them, makes the selling process so much easier for you … it actually removes the need for you to sell at all, isn’t that what you want!

First thing you need to do is find out what is their biggest issue, what keeps them up at night – for example, it won’t be I need a Career Coach.  It will be they can’t cope anymore in their job and the thought of going to work tomorrow fills them with dread.

Once you know their biggest issue, you can make sure your solution (your product or service) is perfect for them.

Even after your product or service is so obviously the solution to their problem, if you don’t communicate effectively then your business won’t be successful.

Demonstrate that you understand them and you can deliver the solution they need.

Every niche (group of people you want to work with) will have their own type of language and it’s a great idea for you to try to understand that language so you can make sure the way you deliver your message is appropriate – no point being all relaxed and laid back when it’s a blue chip organisation.

To become expert status, you will need to demonstrate that you totally understand them. Part of this will be done by getting in their head or virtually walking in their shoes.

You need to find out what the big problems they’re facing – you want to make sure the product or solution you have is the right thing for you both.  You need to look at:

  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What are they worrying about?
  • What will they pay anything to get their problem solved?
  • What exactly do they need help with?

You then need to be able to answer the question “what do you do?”

This is such a popular question and you’ll get asked at every networking event you attend as well as any social events.  So it’s really important to get clear so that you can give a great answer that leaves people interested to find out more

People don’t want to know the how, they want to know the result you give your clients.  Example, they don’t want to know a virtual assistant is a self-employed professional working from their own office for a number of different clients.  They want to know that a virtual assistant takes over the admin side of the business leaving them to focus on the actual money making activities

Always think of the end result so that it appeals to your target market

But with any marketing that you do, the key is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate things – make it easier for you!

Your action plan
Take the time to go through these steps get your marketing message as clear as possible

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