Making Money as a Mumpreneur Masterclass

How often has it got to the end of the day and you’ve not made any money ⁉️

This is such a common thing I see with busy mumpreneurs, they’re too busy doing work to avoid doing the things they should be doing instead – the money making activities 💯

How about we turn on the money tap instead?

Let’s talk about the money tap for your business. Is it …

  • So tightly shut like a jar of pickled onions that have been in your fridge far too long ‼️
  • You just can’t seem to open it, not even a little bit ‼️

I’m the expert at helping my awesome mum clients to open their money taps and I’m running a Masterclass that will help you to build a profitable and sustainable business ✅

LIVE class on Saturday 12th December at 3pm

My role is allowing entrepreneurs the ability to turn on the top and increase the flow – who wants some of that?

So here’s what you might be telling yourself …

1️⃣ I don’t have enough time = you’re not working smart enough ‼️

2️⃣ I can’t afford to invest in my business = that tap will stay shut then! Can you afford NOT to invest ‼️

3️⃣ What if I don’t make it work = what if you DO ‼️

Now is the time to step up and step forward 💯 If you want to be taken seriously, YOU need to take it seriously ✅

Does that make you feel a little uncomfortable? If it does trigger a reaction, there’s a reason for it

Join me and you can soon be bossing your business and wondering why you didn’t do something sooner ‼️

Yes, things aren’t working right now but lets rock up with a plan to change things so that it is a pleasure to do your accounts – even if you have to pay the tax man more money ✅

Can’t make the live call? Don’t panic, I’ve got you sorted ‼️

You’ll get access to the replay so you can listen in at a time that is good for you

This isn’t just a live call that you listen to but don’t actually do anything with the material. So I want to make sure that you actually implement the stuff we go through, so you’ll be getting …

✅ PDF download of everything we cover if you prefer reading and bullet points

✅ Follow up emails giving you specific tasks to focus on so it isn’t overwhelming to take action

Join me on my Making Money as a Mumpreneur Masterclass and you can soon be on your way to bossing your business 💯

I hope to see you there!