I was talking to a lovely mum last week who said her biggest challenge was attracting people to her website – this is actually quite a common problem my clients have.

But when I started asking questions about how many visitors she gets now, she didn’t know.

Now there’s so many marketing activities you can do to get people to your website but you MUST be able to track the numbers to see what’s working and therefore what isn’t working … there’s no point wasting any time or money on an activity that you have no idea whether it even works, not good.

So what kind of figures do you need to track to make sure that your marketing is working?  Here’s some basic tracking to do each month:

How many visitors are coming to your website?
You need to know how many people have visited your site but each time someone visits (including yourself), it will count as a visitor.  So you need to break this down to what’s called Unique Visitors so that it ignores multiple visits from the same people and register it as just the one visitor.

Where are your visitors coming from
It’s always interesting to find out exactly where people are coming from and this is one of the best ways to monitor how well your marketing is working – you will be able to tell if people are coming from Facebook, through a Google search etc

What keywords are people using to find you?
Looking at the keywords people have used to find your site is so valuable as you can take that information and improve the copy on your website to make a bigger deal of these keywords – this will help to make it perform better on Google searches.

These are the basics you need to track for your website but there’s other areas to look at as well on a monthly basis:

  • How many new Facebook page likes have you got?
  • How many people have joined your list?
  • How many clicks for your Facebook Ads if you run them?
  • What sales have come through?
  • What expenses have gone out?
  • What is your profit for the month?
  • What is your conversion rate for sales?

Once you start keeping track of these numbers, you’ll see a difference in your business as the saying is very true – “what you focus on expands”.  So focus on the numbers and what marketing you can do to get those numbers up.

Your action plan
What numbers are you tracking in your business?  Take the time to go through these figures and start tracking them now!

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