One of the things I think is so important is to make goals and plans of what you want to achieve and then you can work your ass off to achieve them

One of the things I tell my awesome clients is that its important to look at how far we’ve come from one year to another – I bet you can find lots of great things that happened in your life and business

Here’s my list …

✴️ I decided to take the plunge and rebrand my business from The Mumpreneur’s Mentor to Emma Walker Coaching so that I can serve more awesome clients by not just focusing on mums but helping women to build their dream business

✴️ We went on a dream holiday to Florida for 3 weeks which was truly magical. We visited all the parks and I even found a new rollercoaster buddy with Kenzie

✴️ In September, I had my accident when I fell and broke my ankle in 3 places (the worst injury I could have done)! I had to have surgery to put in a metal plate and screws to fix my ankle – the x-rays are pretty cool

Following the surgery, I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on my foot for 6 weeks which made life very interesting as I am quite clumsy so made use of a wheelchair which made my life and getting around a LOT easier

Being in a wheelchair did bring a lot of other challenges and I will write a post about that on its own

✴️ 3 weeks after my accident, we managed to still go on holiday to Turkey with some amazing friends which was awesome. Even though I was limited with what I could do (still couldn’t put weight on my foot at this stage and the wounds were still healing) but still managed to get in the pool once which was funny to see (needed the help from hubby and both our friends who came with us)

✴️ Immensely proud of Megan (who turned 16 in December) who got her first black belt in Taekwondo which was amazing (she’ll be due at least 2 more black belts in other styles of martial arts that she does next year)

She also continued competing at Taekwondo tournaments where she has been kicking ass and getting more medals – I love watching her, she truly is amazing

✴️ Kenzie (10) and Ripley (7) continue with their martial arts and now they both do a total of 3 different styles (Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Krav Maga) and are doing amazing

✴️ We continued with our home education journey (this will be our 7th year now) and still loving it. We’ve even got a new home education area in the house which is going to make life so much easier and I’m looking forward to really start using it properly to it’s full potential

✴️ I moved my home office to a different part of the house which will be a great thing for me and I took the opportunity to do some long overdue organising to make things work easier

✴️ Helped some awesome clients continue to build their business and achieve their dreams which is always inspiring to see

There’s so many things that have happened and I’ve probably forgotten lots so one of my intentions for 2023 is to keep a track of all the good things and achievements that have happened so that I can look back at the end of the year and see how far I’ve come

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