Welcome to a brand new blog series where I’m going to share with you some AWESOME business mums who are totally rocking it!!

Today it’s all about Kristina …

What is the biggest challenge you face as a mum and business owner?

My own boundaries! Putting them in place and actually sticking to them for sure. As a mum who works from home, it’s all too easy to “nip to the computer” when a client messages with a question when I’m on mum time, or “nip and hang out the washing” when the sun shines and I’m on work time!

In the past I’ve found switching off from either work or home, depending which hat I’m wearing at the time, really difficult

Trying to be all the things to all the people all the time is a terrible idea but it’s a hard lesson to learn! This is something I’ve become much better at over the past couple of months, and to be honest, I think my clients respect my time more for being firmer with my boundaries – they know when they can and can’t expect an answer from me, my kids and husband are happier to have a far more present mum and wife and my brain feels far less exhausted!

And just to be really clear here, it was never my clients pushing the boundaries, it was me not having them that was the problem! Boundaries are such a buzz word, but they are SO necessary to maintain your sanity!

What do you think is the biggest transferrable skills from mum and business?

The ability to juggle and organise!

I run a client based business and juggle upwards of 30 different businesses per month which at times is much easier than trying to keep a handle on the kids social lives, latest notions and appointments!

I’ll quite often work in up to 10 different businesses each day and the ability to switch hats seamlessly and not drop a ball comes from being a mum for me. If you can keep up with and organise three kids and remember where they are all the time, you can take on the world (of business, at least!)

What do you think to the term ‘mumpreneur’?

It doesn’t put me up nor down really – in terms of my work I’d describe myself as a “business owner” – but I’m also a wife, mum, cook, cleaner, crazy dog lady, friend, daughter, sister…

But I think it does give a nod to the awesome humans we are for keeping ALL the plates spinning

How do you deal with curve balls?

Is hide under my desk with the puppy and a mocha a good answer here? No? Hmm…

Curve balls hit me most days in my business, I think I have a handle on my day ahead, then a client messages with an emergency which must be responded to. I’m ready for curve balls and open to the new directions they can send me in

The odd curve ball keeps things exciting!

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

That it’s not just OK to be myself, it’s GREAT!

When I started my business, I had this image in my head of who I SHOULD be in order to find clients (you know, suited and booted, briefcase, not a hair out of place and talking all “proper”)

That was the biggest pile of poop ever, and it took some real gritty mindset work and comfort zone breaches to make me relax in to just doing me. And what a difference it made to my business – I’ve been fully booked for the past three years since I set my inner quirky geek free and because of her, I get to work with the most spectacular clients who love my enthusiasm, passion and quirks!

What are your top tip for other mums in business?

Be open to follow paths you never imagined existed – they’re there for a reason and they’re there for you!

Don’t hide who you really are behind who you think your business needs you to be – you are your business!

Also, embrace the damned boundaries

How old are your kids?

12, 7 and 4 – they’re hilarious, so full of love and as determined as their mother (send help!)

Do they go to school or are you home schooling?

They go to school

I tried the whole “I can be a teacher, too!” thing during lockdown. I was a rubbish teacher (we were all in agreement) and I have a newfound respect for actual teachers – they’re awesome and have my eternal thanks for the limitless patience and nurturing they share with my children

Do you want to be featured in a future interview?

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All About Kristina …

I’m a proud wife and mother of three (five if you include the two dogs that have taken over our home!) from Shetland, right up at the top of the UK (if you haven’t been here – check out Promote Shetland and book your tickets – you won’t be disappointed!). Remote working at it’s best, I’ve made business connections with people as far away as New Zealand and work with clients all over the world from my little desk set up in the dining room of our home on a rock in the middle of the North Sea.

After having baby number three and leaving the “real” job after 15 years, I did distance learning and gained the qualifications I needed to become a freelance bookkeeper. Out of curiosity I began doing some associate work for a good friend and ex-colleague who was an established Virtual Assistant and inspiring mentor, never intending to pursue a business of my own in online business support, but some sort of strange duck-to-water magic happened, and here I am today!

Since deciding to ditch the numbers and embrace the online tech world, my business has grown on me faster than I could ever have imagined – word of mouth is a powerful thing, and through recommendations alone I have now helped over 60 different businesses with their tech and time headaches, and grow successful memberships.

As you might have gathered by now, I’m a systems kinda gal.  I LOVE finding new ways to do old things. I specialise in helping people who love what they do but either don’t have the time or inclination to battle with the tricky techy bits that are required to run an online business. I give them the freedom they crave to grab their business and run with it, while the background bits that they find boring are left in my small but very capable hands! My favourite days are ones spent creating in WordPress or building online courses and Memberships! I love it!


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