Welcome to a brand new blog series where I’m going to share with you some AWESOME business mums who are totally rocking it!!

Today it’s all about Sarah …

What is the biggest challenge you face as a mum and business owner?

Time! Trying to put your all into work and be a great mum who can still pick them up and remember their 27 after school activities, wash the PE kit and remember to buy food for their packed lunches. Juggling everything is hard work

What do you think is the biggest transferrable skills from mum and business?

Self belief. We all get days where we feel like we are getting it wrong as a mum or days when we wonder if we can really make a go of our business. Believing in yourself and trusting that you are doing the right thing is so important to both roles

What do you think to the term ‘mumpreneur’? Love it, hate it, don’t care it’s just a word, don’t resonate with it

Honestly, I hate it! I love words and there are so many better ones out there that describe what we do. Yes, we are mums, but whether we are a mum or not isn’t important in the success of our business

I think it’s used sometimes by people trying to belittle us, as if the word suggests we are hobbiests or part-timers and that we shouldn’t be taken seriously. You’d never see the word Dad at the start of that word to describe Richard Branson!

How do you deal with curve balls?

I try to embrace them. I’m pretty easy going and like to think that I can deal with them when they pop up, without having a meltdown. My kids may say otherwise though!

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

That I’m stronger than I realise, that everything really will be ok in time (and if it’s not, then give it more time) and that the thing I dream about doing is actually the thing I’m going to be most successful at

What are your top tip for other mums in business?

To remember that if it was easy, everyone one would be doing it. That it takes way more than you realise, but that it’s all worth it in the end

And to remember to celebrate everything from the big stuff, to the tiny insignificant stuff, because that will all add up to make the big stuff

How old are your children?

9 and 12

Do they go to school or are you home schooling?


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All About Sarah

I live in the (not so) sunny North East of England, I’m mum to two (not so) small people and we have way too many pets. I love words (reading and writing them), casual Friday’s (which is everyday), Diet Coke, laughing at my own jokes and anything that involves water (the beach, the sea, mermaids and throwing myself in lakes)

I left the simple life of the Civil Service about 7 years ago to set up my own therapy business. Over time that became the Therapy Biz Coach where I started writing for therapists. I found that I loved writing and seemed to have an endless, unlimited stream of words in my head that I could use to help other businesses

And so began The Word Emporium

I now write for all types of business and blimey, I have written for quite a range. Whether it’s a one off project they are struggling with or to help them unlock their creativity, give them ideas or even to write regularly to help them save time in their business, I LOVE being able to create the words for their business and I look forward to working with you and your business soon



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