When you’re a busy mum and time is an issue, there are a couple of simple hacks you can use to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll need to invest some time to set these up but it will be well worth it!

Create a Vision Board
Think about all the different things you want to achieve and get some images for them (you can use magazines or online).

Think about your personal life (car, new home, holidays), business life (income, how many customers) as well as wellbeing (how many hours you work, retirement etc).

Once you’ve got these images, create a board to display them and put this newly designed Vision Board on display in a prominent place so that you can see it regularly. You now have a visual reminder of why your goals are so important to you.

Dream big about your ideal day
Take the time to think about what your ideal day would look like. What would you be doing? Where would you be? How would you feel? Explore your different senses around your ideal day so that you can daydream to make it feel real.

Write this up and include it with your Vision Board.

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