As busy mums, we’ve got so much to do in our role as mum that when it comes to running a business as well, it can feel like you’ve got a mountain to climb and in stilettos as well

We all go through moments when we feel like we’re banging our head against a brick wall, or feel like the Universe is out to get us (as well as lots of other silly things), but in reality, you’re doing an awesome job and you can take some inspiration from Taylor Swift.

“The fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake”
Once you step up and get serious about building a successful business, you will unfortunately attract competitors who think it’s fine to copy all your hard work (you know, that blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into creating a great marketing message that works).

You can soon get angry and bitter (understandably so, check out this article I wrote about my own copying experience), but try to see it as a compliment that what you’re doing is right. But also use it as an opportunity to look at what you’re saying and putting out there – is the message as clear as it could be, has it got your authentic voice running through it so that it is totally obvious that it’s your voice?

“And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate”
For some people, the sight of success for others can bring up feelings of jealousy, bitterness and the “who do they think they are” mentality. The key is not to think this YOURSELF! Just remember that the issue isn’t actually about you – it’s ALWAYS going to be about their issues.

“And that’s what they don’t see”
I love this quote from Maya Angelou …

“The problem I have with haters is that they see my glory, but they don’t know my story …”

It’s so true, nobody knows exactly what people are going through, how many hours work has been put into something, what things have gone wrong.

“I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go”
Whatever industry you’re in, there’s going to be some competition for you – if you don’t have any competition I would be a little concerned as it might be that people aren’t buying.

This is why it’s so important to think of ways that you can stand out from the crowd – is there anything you can do that isn’t the norm for your industry and shake things up a bit

“Shake it off, I shake it off”
Just remember that no life or business are perfect, mistakes happen, things don’t go to plan, just don’t go into a meltdown moment and instead “shake it off”

So, are you going to fake, fake, fake or hate, hate, hate – or are you going to shake it off?

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