I have seen this comment so many times over the last couple of weeks so think its time to actually take notice of it 😉

Lockdown has been a surreal time for most people, things aren’t normal and we’ve had to work out what our new normal looks like for us and our family which has been tricky.

  • Have you been furloughed?
  • Are you a key worker and had to continue to work?
  • Have you been made redundant?
  • Running a business and needed to change how you work?
  • Become a home schooling parent overnight?

It might feel as though you’ve been knocked down by a bulldozer but I want you to know, and believe, you can come back stronger, you can come back better and focused for what lies ahead.

Now is a great time to actually take the opportunity to look and see what you want your business to look like post lockdown.

Do you need to switch how you work temporarily to take into account any Covid-19 restrictions?

Do you want to take your business in a totally new direction?

Here’s what you need to focus on this week:

  1. Do a Brain Dump of everything you need to do for your business and personal life (you’re creating your to-do list here 😊). I actually recommend you do this with pen and paper making sure you have no filter when creating the list
  2. Type up your list and put them in categories (I have personal / house, home education, business for mine)
  3. Now go through your list with 2 x different colour highlighters and choose what should be your first and second priorities
  4. When working through your list, make sure to ask yourself if what you’re choosing will help you move closer to your goal or if its just another distraction
  5. You then need to schedule in when you’re going to complete the work

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