I’ve been talking to a few lovely mums lately who have hit a brick wall when it comes to their business and when we delved a little deeper, it became obvious that they’re trying to be Supermum and putting too much pressure on themselves.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear is Supermum doesn’t exist, so please stop trying to be one.  What does exist is good enough and that is what we need to be striving for.

So if you’re having a bad day, things aren’t going to plan and it’s affecting your business, here’s 4 simple things you can do to get back on track from a business point of view which will help take away some of the stress!

Know Your Why
Why did you start the business in the first place? What exactly was the motivation behind your decision as that can bring your motivation back.

For me, it is all about my girls. Being there for every school and nursery run, going to the school events, going to the toddler groups, running a term time business.

Set Some Goals
Goals help you stay focused and motivated. The trick during difficult times is to make sure the goals are easily attainable yet still move your business forward.

For example, launching a new website or product might not be a good idea to tackle if you’re not feeling great. However, if you write content for the following month for your blog or newsletter might be a better idea.

If you are dealing with health problems then you may prefer to break your day up into smaller segments. A goal like creating an information product or writing your content for the next month is something you can tackle in small sections of time.

Choose goals that you can tackle easily in smaller segments of time.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
Seriously! If you put too much pressure on yourself to be supermum you’re going to burn out quickly. Everyone has difficult times. If you accept that you may have to cut back a bit or get help during this trial, you’ll be much more able to focus on your business when you have time to. Stress and pressure are a sure-fire way to lose focus and concentration.

Change Your Schedule
If something has happened that affects your schedule, you may not be able to work when you normally do – so change your schedule to fit with what you can do.

For example, a sick child can consume your day. Instead of struggling, get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later. Just focus on the essential work during this time, everything else can wait until you’re back to normal.

Just remember that difficult times will happen, it’s how you deal with it that will make you get back on track sooner.

Your action plan
What can you do today to get yourself back on track? Do you need to take time out of your business for a few days to recharge?

I’d love to hear how you get on, post in the comments below.

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