Back in March when lockdown first started, with that initial 3 week period, I think its fair to say we wouldn’t still have restrictions in place 13 weeks later!

I know I didn’t take it too seriously to begin with (I don’t mind admitting that), and thought that we’d only have restrictions for a short time – how things can change on a daily basis:

  • Queuing to go food shopping
  • Non-essential shops closed
  • Only essential travel allowed

My car soon started doing 6 weeks to the gallon 😉 as I was only going food shopping whereas normally we’d be in the car every night for various activities and then weekends seeing family / friends.

One thing i think we’re all thankful for is we have technology to make life during lockdown manageable – can you imagine what life would be like before the internet!!

Some things that we’ve been doing:

Taking part in weekly Zoom quizzes with our martial arts academy family (sometimes 3 in a week). It feels so good staying connected and having fun at the same time (we spend a lot of time at martial arts classes so we’re missing the connection)

Megan herself has been inspired to run her own weekly quiz for family and friends. Its been great seeing her confidence soar each week – she manages to keep us all in line amazingly well and I forget she’s only 13 years old!

Martial arts and dance classes have continued with Zoom so the girls are still learning and perfecting their skills. Its been great to get involved with them as well as normally we don’t get that chance as parents (I’ve even had a go at stick work in Jeet Kune Do)

The most unusual thing we’ve done is going out for a meal with friends – via takeaway and FaceTime of course 😊 It was weird to begin as we weren’t sure what to expect and if there’s be any awkwardness but we were soon laughing and having fun (bonus not needing a babysitter)

Once the restrictions were lifted a little, we managed to have a couple of BBQ’s while social distancing. It was great seeing family and friends (two separate events) in real life – it really lifted everyone’s spirits

What have you been doing during lockdown?

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