OMG, how the world has changed!

Before covid-19 took over the world, I think it’s fair to say that we took our normal lives for granted.

Once lockdown hit, the world as we know it changed and a new normal became our daily lives:

  • Essential travel only
  • People working from home where they could
  • Schools closed
  • All routine hospital appointments and operations cancelled
  • No travelling for exercise
  • Only socialising with our own household
  • “Social distancing” the new buzz word
  • Amazing support of NHS and key workers

But I think one of the big things that have come out of being in lockdown is people realising what is actually important in their life – and its not necessarily the things we might have thought of before.

Its obviously different for every person but I think its fair to say that we are all appreciating the more simpler things in life and I know a lot of people have taken the opportunity of making the most out of the lockdown for them. I know people who have:

  • Started a new martial art with the virtual classes being offered from our academy
  • Used forced home schooling as a guinea pig for continuing after the schools go back
  • Launched a business
  • Re-evaluated their priorities
  • Changed their business model completely
  • Used the opportunity to get fit and lose weight
  • Moved their business completely online
  • Added takeaway and delivery services
  • Added online ordering
  • And lots more!

I’ve also seen a big mix of feelings when it comes to returning to work after furlough – some are chomping at the bit to go back whereas other people have realised they don’t want to return! This happened to us when hubby realised he wanted to take a more active role with our family and home schooling so he’s handed his notice in 😊

What changes have you seen in your life, what are you thinking will happen once lockdown is completely lifted?

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