If you have young children, you’ve probably heard of Peppa Pig and have had the ‘pleasure’ of watching a few episodes!

My 3 year old LOVES Peppa and at first glance, you can soon get fed up of this bossy little piggy with the theme tune that stays in your head.  And if you’re anything like me, you probably can’t say dinosaur without saying “grrrrr” afterwards like George!

But, there are lots of lessons we can take from the world of Peppa Pig and relate it back to our businesses.

Here’s 3 important lessons we all need to be aware of if we want a successful business:

Daddy Pig “I’m an expert at…”
According to Daddy Pig, he is an expert at most things but it nearly always turns out that he can’t actually do what he says he can do

Your lesson: Don’t promise something to your clients that you can’t deliver as this is bad for your reputation.  Always be honest if you don’t have a particular skill that’s being asked for, don’t try to blag it just to get a client.

Know Your Audience
The creators and writers created Peppa Pig for young children, so each episode is only 5 minutes long which is a perfect time for their attention span – there’s no point having 1 hour episodes as the viewers will soon get bored and switch off.

Your lesson: Get clear on exactly who your ideal customer is to make sure that your product or service is a perfect fit for their problems.

Give Them What They Want
Peppa Pig has soon become an empire as the creators have taken it from being ‘just a TV programme’ to a phenomenon as they have expanded their product range.

As well as the programme on the TV, they’ve got lots of other products, including:

  • DVD’s with a compilation of 8 – 10 episodes
  • Branded toys so they can play with Peppa and friends
  • Branded merchandise like duvet covers, cushions, storage, scooters, bikes, clothes, food (just do a quick search on Google and you’ll be amazed at all the different products available)
  • They’ve got their own Peppa Pig theme park with gift shop (it’s a great day out if you have little piggies)

Your lesson: What else can you offer that compliments the work you do?  For multiple income streams, you need to be thinking of a range of different products your customers will love

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