When it comes to staying stuck in your business, it will look differently for each person. These could be:

  • Waste what precious time you have available browsing through Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok
  • Sit down at your desk (or work area) and not know where you even need to start so you end up doing nothing
  • Have a massive to do list and not sure what to do with it as its too overwhelming
  • Daydream what you wish your business looked like instead of doing the work you know you should be doing

But doing any of these things are actually costing you time, energy and money

When it comes to money, if you don’t get income coming into your business all you’re going to do is see the money going down the money pit of what your business is

If you’re not getting money into your business, you can’t pay your bills, and that isn’t a sustainable business for you

From an energy point of view, if you just keep seeing all the bills going out and not much income coming in, this will feed your self-talk voices. The ones telling you that you aren’t good enough and should just give up already

Unless you change and get untuck, you are letting the voices win and it won’t get any better!

This is why staying stuck is no longer an option! Quite frankly, you deserve better!

You deserve a thriving business

You deserve a business that gives you an income, so that you can realize what your dreams are

You deserve to build the business that you’ve always dreamt about

Now you need to stop faffing and crack on to get shit done to help you build your dream business

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